SEO Book & Guide for Bloggers (2013 Edition)

I am Yaro Starak, the founder of, the blog that brought me over a million dollars online in two years and a half. Three years ago I knew nothing about making money online, other than the fact I needed them in order to pay off my $50,000 debt! At that time I was a blogger just like you, in a situation where you have only few readers coming to your blog and knowing almost nothing about how to make a fortune from this activity.

Today I am a full-time blogger, with readers coming from both Europe and the USA. I have now come to the point in my blogging career where I want to deal with other blog owners to help them with their daily “problems”.

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    The quality of your blog content is the most important thing. Don't write for search engines but for your readers. Keep your readers interested in reading your articles.

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    Internal linking

    The first step to SEO optimization is to have a broad picture of your website. Structure your articles into clear categories and create strong internal links.

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    Know your target audience and do keyword research in order to optimize your every article for strong keywords that are easy to rank and bring you traffic.

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    In the end, everything is reduced to traffic! How much traffic you will have, thanks to a good SEO optimization, is how much money you will earn from your blog.

Traffic is Money

Blogs can only make money if they have a high and constant traffic. In other words we can say that we can measure a blog success by the number of readers. A large audience means that you can derive income from it, using whatever method you consider to be appropriate for your situation.

For this, I bring you a guide that will teach you how to become successful. In essence it will teach you how to set up an automated stream of traffic coming to your blog on a daily basis, without you to intervene.

In the beginning, when you start a blog or website, you will have no traffic because nobody will know it exist. So, how can you attract visitors and build an audience?

Traffic Sources

When I first started my blog, I was writing regular content but I had almost no idea how to bring more readers to my website. I did some research and quickly discovered that there are many traffic sources like pay per click advertising, banner advertising, article marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, and on and on and on...

The challenge is to figure out which method actually works for you!

Grow Your Blog Traffic

As other bloggers, in the beginning I had little money to spend on marketing and advertising, so I decided to focus only on free methods to grow my blog traffic, which basically reduces to Google traffic. Google is the right answer if you learn how to optimize your website, because organic traffic from search engines is not only free, but is also highly targeted on your topics. And targeted audience also means high conversions, which also means higher profits.

I spent a lot of time testing different techniques to get traffic from Google, reading other books and testing more. Some of them worked, some other worked only temporarily or didn't worked at all, but in the end I learned what are the key factors for high quality traffic:

  1. Content - Regular and high quality content is the foundation of your blog success. Regular content brings search engines crawlers more often to your website, while quality content makes visitors become readers and even subscribers.
  2. Internal structure and keywords - You need to choose the keywords that target the right kind of audience and bring traffic. Structure your internal links in a simple manner so as your readers to easily find other related articles and spend more time oon your blog.
  3. Link Building - External links give importance to your blog. Their number and quality will influence your Google Ranking. (Think at popularity in a highschool! If popular students talk about a newcomer then he will also become pretty popular. The more they talk, the more popular it will be! Same is with the external links. The more links coming from quality websites the better your rankings will be.)

But what these key factors represent? They are nothing else but SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. All of them are interlinked, you can't obtain traffic (success) if you won't have all three of them. It’s impossible to structure your site well and use the right keywords if you aren’t producing content for those keywords to exist in. You won’t get links pointing to your site unless you have quality content and you won't get a high ranking and high traffic without good external links.

SEO eBook

The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers

I've wrote a SEO ebook because I saw the need for getting simple information to help people increase blog traffic and because I know you will benefit immensely from it. I call it The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers.

This is not just a simple SEO book but a guide to teach you step by step how to grow your blog traffic and how to become successful. Follow the techniques and the systems I used to set up my blog and your blog will be successful.

The book has 96 pages of unique content created by me (I haven't outsourced the creation of this document as many internet marketers do with their ebooks) and tested techniques that actually work.

The people telling you that SEO is dead or that it is just too complicated to do now are just not well informed. I have gathered what I believe to be the most important things you should be doing now to dominate the SEO game in its current state as well as far into the future.

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The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers

What to expect?

Let me tell you what you will gain when you study my SEO guide.

  • A break down of the three key elements needed for a successful blog - you have to know them so good that they will become a part of your daily practices.
  • Why Google is the leading search engine and how you can profit from it. I get 80% of the traffic from Google every day, and that’s a pretty significant source of free traffic.
  • What SEO software I use and recommend you also to use, starting from plugins and ending with automatic link building software.
  • What are the key elements of the internal structure of your blog, how to tweak these elements to increase traffic by over 100% in a matter of days.
  • What is the natural linking process and the link growth cycle.
  • How to become the authority in your market, by becoming first a dominant force in search engines.
  • What is the “Long Tail Keyword” and why you need to know about it - a source of targeted traffic most of the bloggers ignore.
  • How to get your articles listed in Google in less than 24 hours.
  • How to attract more links - a step-by-step guide that will show you how to profit from over 75 tested and proven link building techniques.
  • A quick start Checklist, very practical for you to apply all you have learned, without missing something.

Don’t Waste Thousands Of Dollars On eBooks and Guides You Don’t Need

Before writing this SEO guide I was offering private coaching for prices varying between $499 to $2999 for a limited time period (1 week to 3 months). Most of my students had problems driving more traffic to their websites, so I had to spend a lot of time teaching again and again, different students, same things. This is how I came up with the idea of putting everything inside a complete SEO book.

You can benefit from exactly what I was telling my coaching clients without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, because it’s all in The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers. The only difference is that you need to take those steps alone, without my assistance. But after you'll read the guide, everything will be so clear to you that you won't need any assistance from me or anyone else.

This is by far the most affordable way to get my advice on how to attract traffic to your blog and increasee your profits. To download your copy of The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers click the “Add To Cart” button below.

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Wait! There's more...

Still not convinced? If my SEO book is not enough for you, then let me tell you what other bonuses come with this package, to help you grow a successful business, drive more traffic to your blog and make lots of money from it.

Bonus #1: How to buy and sell websites

Bonus #2: How to buy and sell websites

I’m going to give you a bonus of a very special presentation I did on how to buy and sell websites, including how to buy and sell blogs. So if you’re interested in using the strategy I teach on how to actually buy sites to increase traffic to your blog, or perhaps you just want to get into a brand new market by buying a blog or another type of website, this presentation will teach you exactly how you can do that.

It’s something I actually did as a side project, generating over $180,000 from buying and selling and investing in different websites, including a couple blogs, so I know you’ll get some fantastic benefit from that presentation.

Bonus #2: Building a Successful and Profitable Blog

Bonus #3: Building a Successful and Profitable Blog

Along with that presentation, I also include another live recorded presentation of me, and this time I’m teaching you the complete fundamental process of building a successful and profitable blog. This is a recording done from a stage presentation I did to teach people essentially my philosophy, my strategies, and my techniques on how to grow a successful blog. It’s a great companion piece for what you’re going to get inside The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers.

Bonus #3: 13 Part Video Series

Bonus #4: 13 Part Video Series

On top of that I’m actually throwing in 13 videos that are 100% content videos on how to maximize the profit you get from your blog. I’m going to show you the different steps I take to really ramp up the income from my website as I’ve grown it over the past few years.

Understanding that the average blogger has trouble making any money, and even those bloggers who do start to make $1,000 to $2,000 per month, there’s a big difference in going from that level to making $100,000 a year or even up to the seven-figure mark, which is the sort of money I’ve been able to generate because I’ve done a few things really well with my blog, and really taken it to the next level.

Bonus #4 and 5: Audio Interviews

Bonus #6: Audio Interview with Will Swayne

I’m also throwing in two very special interviews with some very good friends of mine – Gideon Shalwick on how to do marketing with YouTube, and William Swayne on very critical conversion metrics when it comes to your blogging.

Gideon’s going to teach you how to you can use video to actually grow your blog traffic and grow your business using the YouTube system for marketing. That’s a great resource if you’re interested more in producing video content and not necessarily writing content, which is just as good when it comes to growing traffic to your blog.

Bonus #5: Audio Interview with Gideon Shalwick

With William Swayne’s interview you’re going to learn about what are the key metrics you can test on your blog to improve conversion to get more from it, whether it’s increasing the number of people who subscribe to your email newsletter or your RSS feed or even just click to read your articles. That’s a really important part of having a successful blog.

So if you want to know how to test these elements, and which elements are the most important, you’ll love this interview from Will Swayne.

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If you have any concerns whatsoever about buying this product, I want to tell you that there is a very secure 60-day refund policy with this. I’m obviously not interested in keeping your money if you don’t get value from my product, so you have a full 60 days to try it.

Yaro Starak

I’m so confident you’re going to love this product that if you do decide to buy it and you don’t want to keep it and you want the refund, I will let you keep all of the bonuses at no charge whatsoever. So you can score all those free bonuses as you decide whether or not you want this product, but I’m very confident you’ll enjoy The Definitive Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers.

To your blogging success!